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o canada!

Canada flag.png
Where I've been - Canada (2).png

Ottawa (2002, '10)

Québec (1997, '01)

New Brunswick/Nova Scotia (2016)

London (2017)

Montréal (1997, '10, '19)

Toronto (2002)

Niagara (1993, '03, '15)

I've been to Canada 10 times, ranging from quick Niagara Falls jaunts to an unforgettable winter whirlwind in Québec City (2001) and a family week in the Maritimes (June 2016).


Despite growing up only a few hours' drive from the border, I have seen perilously little of the world's second-largest country. Not only have I never been west of Windsor, Ontario (a true travesty - no offense Windsor!), but my feet have never tread the fertile green hillscapes of PEI or traversed craggy, peerless Newfoundland. Alberta and British Columbia are exceptionally appealing, as are the territories in their seemingly impossible remoteness.


Furthermore, I've spent precious little time in Eastern Canada's dynamic cities. My only Toronto experience was zipping to the top of the CN Tower after waiting in line for what seemed like hours... in 2002. Until August 2019 I'd barely spent any time in atmospheric Montréal, the closest metropolis to NH. Haven't been to Québec City in 20+ years, Ottawa in 12. Never been to Kingston and the Thousand Islands. The list goes on and on.

As I write this in the COVID era, I'm not sure when I'll even be able to get back across the border. In any case, when travel is safe again I have lots more exploring to do, eh?

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